A transparent newsroom

Poynter Online reports that a Washington Newspaper Spokesman-Review has started live web-streaming of its editorial meetings. While the paper's 10 am meetings are for ripping apart the handling of the day's paper, the 4.30 pm meetings are for discussing the next days content.
This means that anybody including the newspaper's competitors and TV stations can pick up the leads to ensure that Spokesman-Review would not have any exclusives.

Steven Smith who edits the paper couldn't care any less.

According to him the webcasting of meetings is a way of taking advantage of current technology to extend the conversation with readers. ``Our experience is that readers value the interaction, love to participate and often provide information and feedback that informs our journalism and gives it focus,'' he says.

For some time now Spokesman-Review, as part of their effort to increase transparency in journalism, has been blogging about its editorial meetings under a section called ``Daily Briefing''. A space where readers can talk about the paper's news coverage and content on a daily basis: what they like, what they don't like, and what they'd like to see more of.

How many of the Indian newspapers do this. Do they bother to publish letters that are critical of the newspaper's handling of a story or the goof ups the reporters have made?

A Soft Dream

So This indeed is it. Our SPACE.
Not bound by temporal or spatial limits.

Spread out like a dream during early morning hours, soft and faint.
Here, lets talk about our words and images. Lets quarrel over ideas.
And then wake up, packed with ideas.

Let's not go to the dogs

So this is it.
A space for professional journalists to share information and story ideas, discuss professional issues and sharpen their tools. Journalists will also have access to news and happenings on the field of journalism, career guidance and training opportunities.
And thats just my take. Chip in with whatever ideas you have and we'll try to incorporate it here. We already have some words of encouragement coming in from Joshua Newton.