Let's not go to the dogs

So this is it.
A space for professional journalists to share information and story ideas, discuss professional issues and sharpen their tools. Journalists will also have access to news and happenings on the field of journalism, career guidance and training opportunities.
And thats just my take. Chip in with whatever ideas you have and we'll try to incorporate it here. We already have some words of encouragement coming in from Joshua Newton.

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  1. # Anonymous josh


    Now that's what I'd been missing for years, a group, a space while we chugged it out in the mysterious loneliness of each of us. Now that it has come through in colours blue and lead, I'm the one who's missing.

    I kind of moved out to New Delhi, but let's not go cold over this.
    For I'm sure you will be in good company with a few more of our ilk.
    All I can do from this far is to stay close and warm up your idea and keep touching and nudging online.
    Maybe you'd want this to begin as a blog, a common platform, and taking it off to meet often over cups of coffee or whatever.

    Yea, I've taken up a job here with the India Today.

    Men's Health, one of the biggest global men's magazine brand is launching Indian edition through IT group.
    I'm in as the features editor and would be running the team under our editor Jamal, an ex-Times/DNA/ChannelFour guy. We work in tandem with the editors in Pennsylvania. Since its a launch, any need to say how the sea looks like :-)

    You throw in your plans and what I should be doing.
    I'm game, anyway

    Cheers you two!

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